Wind Farms

WindAge TDWG Wind Farm ApplicationPlatter-mounted TDWGs can augment the output of a conventional wind farm. Access to the larger units is not compromised, and the electrical tie-ins to the grid already exist, thereby minimizing the need for new wiring. Farmers can graze cattle on this acreage, and the cattle can find shade under the platters. Here the basic rotor assembly is attached to an elongated acoustic horn, which funnels the incoming air in a similar fashion to the traffic application. In this manner an average ground wind speed of 12 MPH can be boosted to 18 MPH or more, and produce significantly more electricity. The wind is both accelerated and directed to the most efficient section of the moving vanes. The rotor assembly is mounted to a slightly elevated platter, which pivots on a radial bearing and slip ring. This bearing, in conjunction with the "flag," enables the unit to turn into the prevailing wind.