WindAge TDWG Systems Rotor Assemblies

WindAge TDWG Assemblies
WindAge TDWG AssembliesWindAge TDWG Assemblies
WindAge TDWG AssembliesWindAge TDWG Assemblies

WindAge TDWG Systems Rotor Assemblies produce clean power by utilizing free energy from the turbulent air created by moving vehicles, augmented by the prevailing wind. They are simplicity itself, with only one moving part.

  • This patented device is not limited in regard to vane design, but may use Savonious "S" vanes, hollow air foils, or a helical one-piece unit, to name several. The most promising design at this time employs a 3-bladed helical rotor cast in one piece, to minimize weight, increase uniformity, and speed manufacturing. Continuous research and development by WindAge, LLC will help to ensure that the design used matches the application's requirements. However, in order to reach a workable compromise between surface area and overpass space limitations, the rotor dimensions are approximately 4' x 12'.

  • WindAge TDWG Systems Rotor Assemblies are primarily designed for high-speed, high-density traffic conditions worldwide, including:
    • use under existing structures such as overpasses
    • attached to overhead signage frames spanning some or all lanes
    • along railways

    However, they are also applicable to:
    • high-rise building rooftops
    • existing wind farms where they augment normal output
    • airports
    • all suitable open spaces with average ambient winds of at least 8mph

  • WindAge TDWG Systems Rotor Assemblies feature the first patented wind generator use of magnetic bearings. These bearings are powered by generator-produced bleed DC current or by internal permanent magnets. With little heat and no friction, they don't require lubrication, and operate virtually maintenance free. These bearings can offer up to a 20% increase in efficiency over conventional ball or roller bearings.

  • The current configuration of the TDWG exhibits these characteristics:
    • Rated power-- 1.5KW
    • Max power --1.7KW
    • Output voltage--DC-48V
    • Rated wind speed--31mph (12m/sec)
    • Rotor diameter-- 4Ft (1.2m)
    • Blade Length--12Ft (3.7m)
    • Blade material—Polystyrene Epoxy (PE)
    • Start-up Wind Speed--4.5mph (2m/sec)
    • Cut-in wind speed--6.3mph (2.8m/sec)
    • Working wind speed range--2-35m/s
    • Rotation speed--110r/min
    • Output/Year--2420kWh@12mph wind speed (5.4m/s)
    • Turbine weight--130kg
    • Noise level--< 20dB

Note: This device uses magnetic bearings supported by permanent magnets to derive its low start-up speed and high output, and a one-piece cast rotor with 3 helical vanes.

WindAge TDWG Systems Alternate Rotor Assemblies

When a piezoelectric crystal is bent, it produces electricity. To leverage this principle, piezoelectric vane coatings (as described in the patents) and associated electronics will be developed over time in conjunction with an appropriately high-flex rotor design. As with magnetic bearings, this technology can provide a significant enhancement to yearly TDWG output.