WindAge TDWG Advantages

WindAge TDWG SystemsWindAge TDWG SystemsWindAge TDWG SystemsWindAge TDWG Systems

WindAge TDWG Systems Free Energy Sources

WindAge TDWG systems produce clean power in a new way by innovatively utilizing free energy like air movement created by moving vehicles and natural wind conditions.

WindAge TDWG Systems Ease of Installation

WindAge TDWG Systems are designed with adjustable mounting arms for easily adaptable installation over unpredictably angled traffic lanes and rail lines.

WindAge TDWG Systems Ease of Maintenance

WindAge TDWG Systems are highly efficient and virtually maintenance free because they utilize wind generators with magnetic bearings that produce virtually no heat or friction, and require no lubrication. WindAge TDWG Systems require no governor systems such as those required on propeller style windmills.

WindAge TDWG Systems Adaptable Configurations

WindAge TDWG AssemblyWindAge TDWG Systems come in adaptable configurations, with features like Assemblies with Alternate Rotors with Savonius (as shown) or Helical type blades, as well as, additions like Ducted Intakes and Safety Guards.

WindAge TDWG Systems Patented Innovation

Magnetic BearingWindAge TDWG Systems assemblies feature the first patented wind generator utilization of magnetic bearings. These are efficiently powered by generator produced bleed DC current. Plus, with no heat and minimal friction, they require no lubrication and operate virtually maintenance free.

WindAge TDWG Systems Safety

WindAge TDWG SystemUsing the TDWG adjustable mounting arms, all road and rail installations maintain at least a 6-inch safety buffer between the vehicle's maximum legal height limit and the rotor assembly. If this is exceeded and the passing vehicle accidentally strikes the TDWG, the rotor vanes will simply shatter, with little energy being transferred to the vehicle.