WindAge, LLC

WindAge TDWG Assemblies

Welcome to a new age of clean, distributed energy.
WindAge Traffic Driven Wind Generators (called Twigs or TDWGs) are at the heart of Clean Energy Systems like no others. WindAge TDWG Systems produce clean power in a new way by combining energy from the high-speed air created by moving vehicles with the energy created by the natural wind.

WindAge TDWG Systems are cost effective to make.
WindAge TDWG System rotors can be cast in one piece, thereby reducing hand assembly, increasing uniformity, and speeding the manufacturing process. Since one basic rotor assembly can be used in multiple applications, engineering and manufacturing costs are reduced.

WindAge TDWG Systems are cost effective to install.
WindAge TDWG Systems are designed for widespread use under existing structures such as the numerous overpasses and overhead sign frames on high-density, high-speed expressways and railways. They can also be installed in airports, existing wind farms, and on hi-rise building rooftops. Due to the mounting arm design and their manageable size and weight, they can be quickly installed. A typical roadway overpass installation of 6 units can be completed within 24 hours.

WindAge TDWG Systems are cost effective to operate.
WindAge TDWG assemblies feature the first patented use of magnetic bearings for wind generators. These bearings are powered by either generator-produced bleed DC current or by integrated permanent magnets. By emitting little heat and no friction, they require no lubrication and operate virtually maintenance free.

WindAge TDWG Systems are durable.
Because the WindAge TDWG rotor assembly mounts at two points, it is immune even to hurricane force winds, conditions in which typical wind farm generators have to shut down.

WindAge TDWG Systems expand the clean energy paradigm.
WindAge rotor assemblies can be cast from recycled plastic, thereby decreasing the overall carbon footprint associated with their manufacture, as well as helping to reduce waste in oceans and landfills.

WindAge TDWG Systems can combine with Human Energy Harvesters and solar photovoltaic (PV) panels
to create the foundation for clean, efficient, and reliable alternate-fuel-vehicle recharging sites.

When used in this combination, the long-recognized problem with the intermittency of alternate energy is largely solved.